Running Coaching

Over many years our staff at The Performance Clinic have built up personal and professional experience with distance running. This has ranged from competing in the Olympics to coaching athletes to break 4 hours for the marathon. We have developed an approach to training and coaching that is founded in science but also integrated our experience to give you the best planning available. However we previously only offered our coaching services on an informal basis. After spending some time creating a system to allow for analysis of training and feedback to you as an athlete we are now offering Performance Clinic Running Coaching.

_ The Benefits

How It Works.

Email to register your interest.

Once you register your interest, and if you are in the limited number of people taken on, you will be contacted for a 20 minute online consultation. In this we will speak about your running history, your current training and your future targets. Once we agree on realistic targets we will agree on a “broadstroke” training plan.

We use Training Peaks to monitor and analyse your training. You will be set up as our athlete on Training Peaks and you will then need to link your training to this (via Garmin Connect, Strava etc.). Your training plan will then be uploaded to Training Peaks.

We have 2 packages available which determine the type and amount of feedback you receive.

Gold Package: €80 per month

Platinum Package: €120 per month

Payment will be made monthly online through our online booking system when booking in for your monthly review/consultation, and training plans will be uploaded within 24 hours of your consultation.
If you would like to find out more about our Performance Clinic Running Coaching service why not register your interest today.